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Purchase agreement


Purchase Agreement

After you and the buyer have agreed on a price you will want to draw up a worksheet for a purchase agreement. To get an idea what needs to be included, look at the two residential purchase agreement forms commonly used in Minnesota. These are put out by the Minnesota State Bar Association and the Minnesota Association of Realtors. The FSBO seller may learn much of what needs to be done to complete the sale from studying one or both of the above purchase agreements. The Realtors form is shorter and in some cases may be the easiest to use for your FSBO sale. The State Bar Association form is more detailed and may be a better form to use if you have need for the more specific contingencies amd provisions included in it.

Click for Minnesota purchase agreement forms which you may also use for the sale of your house.

You can then decide which provisions are important in your FSBO sale and if any additional forms need be added to your final puchase agreement.

The links below will introduce you to some aspects of the purchase agreement.


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